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About us

IndiGO was born from a casual conversation between friends about how to achieve success.

Success is part of everyone, we just have to know how to enhance it using ingenuity, innovation and being persistent. That is why IndiGO is a company that is willing to help you promote and achieve the success you are looking for. Either through technological solutions for you or for your business with a wide range of services.

At IndiGO we are committed to always being there for you when you need us and with the flexibility that characterizes us, using new technologies and development platforms that allow us to satisfy your needs.

We are a group of people who feel responsible for growing, improving and excelling with you every day by becoming part of our IndiGO family.

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Our mission

Help satisfy the needs of our clients through customized technology and business solutions, proposing and implementing new options that are at the forefront of the market working with a team of committed and responsible people.

Our vision

To be leaders in information technology worldwide, developing and proposing customized technology and business solutions, seeking the active participation of clients in their own projects supported by a team of committed and responsible people.

The Founding Partners

General Manager

Stuardo Zambrano Fernández

Expert in Information Technologies and Project Management.

Commercial Manager

Stephanie Mejía Spillmann

Expert in International Business and Digital Strategies.