You first need to purchase domain and hosting services.
The domain of a webpage is the unique name that identifies your page in the internet. Example: http://www.mybusiness.com
The hosting is a service to which you can associate your domain. This service provides the internet users a system to store information, images, videos or any content accesible through web.
A reseller is one kind of hosting service through which a hosting within a server allows to resell a a part of it, offering the possibility to create or add sub-domains external domains through the creation of subplans within the same hosting account.
If you are new in the web world or if it doesn’t provide you enough trust, a reseller might not be a good option for you. By having your own domain and hosting service allowa you to have total control over the resources you are paying for, addtionally knowing who your direct vendor is, in case something happens, who can help you solving your doubts.
Web pages are built having as base the HTML5 and the CSS3. At the same time, web pages can be informative (in which the content doesn’t change or changes very little through time) or dynamic (where information is constantly changing; for example, an online store). On the latter, the use of a content managers is reccomended.
A Content Management System (CMS) is a web application which allow us to create, edit, and, in general manage content of our web pages in an easy and fast way.
Depending on the type of web you are building, there are different types of CMS. For example, if it is a news site or of general information, you can use tools such as Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, or Liferay. If yours is an online store or E-Commerce, the most common tools are Woocommerce, Prestashop or Magento for free. Check our development sevices here.
Visitors to your online store can see your products and services and choose one or more looking at the characteristics of each. Once chosen, it is added to the shopping cart in order to go to checkout clicking on Pay. In order to process the purchase, you can use different safe platforms such as Paypal, CCBILL or others.
To create more traffic in your web and/or social media, we reccomend an online publicity plan. You can use tools such as Google AdWords to improve search appearance paired with facebook investment and other media. Check what we have for you in this area clicking here.
The building time depends on the size of the web page you are creating, it could take a week or up to 3 months. Of course these are not exact numbers and it depends on wether your page is informative, with few sections and information or a big one such as an online store with many products and categories. In any of these, we use a SCRUM (agile) methodology.
It consists in an easy decision making process in a software project were the main objetive is the satisfactory delivery of the end product. In that case, draft deliveries are presented to the client where he can see the evolution of his project and make changes on the requirements as necessary.
Is common to think that we have to invest in a system in in order to increase productivity of the business and we end up purchasing one pre-made. The problem is when we notice that the system dos not fit with our needs as a business and we end up changing how we work. This should not happen, a system can´t force us to change the way we operate, but it should improve it. This is why it is recommended to start with a consultation in prder to have a starting point on creating a software fit to our needs.
To begin with, conultancy should be the first thing to come to mind in order to determine exactly how our business is going. An analysis and restructuring of processes sometimes is enough in order to improve productivity (check our consultacy services here). When your processes have been checked and optimized, we can review which parts can be automated. In that way your ERP or other systems you want to implement will be born.
Smartphone apps can be downloaded through an app store which belongs to the operating system of the phone, “Playstore” for Android and “App Store” for iPhone are the most common. They can work with an internet connection or without one. Some apps connect to external servers in order to supply information and that the user doesn’t use part of the phone’s storage