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Santillana S.A.

"Every day we build the future. Because the present and the future of education we build them together.

Because the success of an educational system depends largely on the pedagogical proposals that we bring to the school, we feel co-responsible for its educational work.”

Project information

  • Category: Education
  • Status: Completed
  • Date: September 2022
  • Website:
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Project characteristics

In this portal you will find the information you need for a better experience in the Santillana Community.

  • Provides tools for teachers, parents and students.

Through the analysis carried out together with the client, it was determined that three types of web applications would be built: administration module, web environment and web project.

  • Application mockups
  • Development with scrum methodology.
  • Constant iterations with the client.
  • Perform QA of the application.

Currently, the application is in the final phase, polishing the last details before being shown to the public.

  • Web application deployment.