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Playa Limpia

We promote the care of beaches, rivers and lagoons in Peru.


Project information

  • Category: ONG
  • Status: In process
  • Date: July 2022
  • Instagram: @playalimpiaperu
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  • Solution
  • Outcome
Project characteristics

The Playa Limpia application allows the organization of clean-ups on the slopes of rivers and beaches, as well as the organization of different types of events.

  • Provides tools for the organizer and volunteer.
  • Allows to hold events and add beaches within the application.

Through the analysis carried out together with the client, it was determined that two types of applications would be built: Web and Android.

  • Application mockups
  • Development with scrum methodology
  • Constant iterations with the client
  • Performing QA of the application

The application will enhance the care of the beaches and rivers of our country.

  • Deployment of the web application
  • Publish to the Google Play Store