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Wendy Fiol Recetas Saludables

Wendy shares her work experience after 20 years in the food and beverage world. This project transmits her learning and her experiences in the field in a friendly, simple and easy-to-communicate way.

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  • Category: Food and beverage
  • Status: Completed
  • Date: February 2021
  • Website:
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Project characteristics

The development of its Digital Strategy was worked on to boost its presence in different Social Networks.

  • Basic Digital Strategy

A series of investigations and meetings were developed hand in hand with the brand in order to:

  • Learn more about the business and the sector
  • Define the target market
  • Define and prioritize the digital ecosystem and its contents

It is currently applying those strategies defined through the Digital Strategy worked on.

  • Creation of valuable content and a well-defined Digital Strategy.