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It's true; no one thought, neither the government nor the population, that the pandemic would finally reach the country. "It's far, in China" we thought and the same reason that it felt far away is that we believed we were untouchable. Until March 6 in 2020 when the first case of the disease was detected in the country, quarantine would arrive shortly after. What have we done since then?

The country stopped. Only basic production services were in place to ensure the supply of food and medicine. This is how we stayed until the measures to begin to reactivate the country's economy were made more flexible. Up to this point, where does technology come in?

One of the first points to enter the reactivation was the shipment of products by delivery. The protocols were established, but how many businesses were really prepared? Did everyone have the minimum viable conditions to make the change in how they provided their services? Not even the largest companies were spared. The complaints are already known to all.

That is why we insist on digital transformation and when we talk about it we are not necessarily referring to acquiring large systems that automate many processes. We live in a country with multiple realities and talking about big investments in big things is completely unfeasible for many businesses. Solutions can come in different ways.

The main thing - clearly establish your image. Depending on the amount of investment that you can access, there are different options for you to repower your business. From working from your social networks, an informative portal linked to them where you have a product catalog and clearly show all their characteristics, integration with free e-commerce portals or even having your own e-commerce portal adjusted to all your needs.

The biggest tip we can give you is that your products should be shown as well as possible. The clearer and more information you share with your audience, the fewer doubts they have and the better conversion rates you will have in your sales. Avoid falling into the classic (and much hated by customers) "I send the information to the inbox" because by doing that, you run the risk of receiving many queries and not being able to answer them all. That raises doubts about your transparency. The more precise you are, the better.