Smart Articles

Surely you already know that I am passionate about business, but also about technology. If we combine both passions, it could be said that it is all we have inside Indigo. That is why when I find an opportunity to share with you some of the knowledge that we have as a business consulting company for digital transformation, I seize that opportunity and do not let it pass.

This time, I would like to comment with you a little about the current situation and how it has transformed our daily lives. Social distancing? 6 meters away? No contact? All this happens around us, both you and me, yes, a person who is used to having remote meetings with his team, but who from time to time enjoyed those weekly face-to-face meetings, in which human interaction was so comforting.

All this has made us become more creative and now we use tools that, although we knew them, or not, we never had the need to really live through them. A very curious case is how businesses, sometimes reluctant to venture into the digital and virtual world, have had to adopt this new normal with, precisely, what made them reluctant to transform. It was either that, or die within the first month without opening their stores. Now we see more e-commerce than ever, even the neighborhood stores, those that do not have a giant budget, have managed and sold on WhatsApp. It is that technology is everywhere. Excuses are gone.

Another curious situation is that of restaurants, which have already started operations in their premises serving the public, but how do you serve 6 meters away or without contact? Especially to those people who are like our families, those who love our business so much that they take a risk and go out for the simple fact that they cannot be away another day from our face-to-face experience. And it is that the delivery is convenient, but that somebody serves you a plate and says to you: “that it enjoys his food”, it has no comparison.

So how is the experience changing? Starting with the letter, now, the ideal is to have a QR code at the entrance and at the tables where, by scanning it with your cell phone (which, incidentally, is already smart, whatever brand it is) you can enter and see all the dish options that the restaurant has available. Is incredible. And better not to say that, it is at the same time, too convenient.

This experience is gradually being translated into the different areas of our day to day, where banking companies now place giant totems in their agencies so that people can scan them and have all the necessary information without having any contact, or with a person or with a paper that could have been contaminated in the environment in which it is found.

See? Creativity, necessity, business and technology always go hand in hand, only that in times of crisis this is accentuated, and it has been sought, desperately and madly, to reduce those taboos in which: "My business does not need yet to move to the digital or technological sphere, I'm still fine”, and they have been dismantled from Sunday to Monday, where everything went black.

Curious, right?