Smart Articles

Many times we have seen in movies or series how a single command can make refrigerators deliver what you requested, or how a car can automatically park where you ask, or simply program the kitchen so that have dinner ready at a certain time.

All of them are ideas that some 25 years ago were believed to be a bit crazy or too far off. Today, thanks to the curiosity of many, it has become partly a reality.

The technology is incredible, the number of ideas that can be made, from a programmed coffee maker to a car with sensors that tell you if it has been damaged, when and, even, has recorded the evildoers who did it.

As we mentioned a week ago, and we have been emphasizing all our platforms, technology is developed to make our lives easier. Especially in the so-called Industry 4.0, which seeks to integrate different trends, such as the Internet of Things, Big Data, among others, to improve the competitiveness of companies, improve lifestyles and capture more information for all individuals.

Something that we can rescue from everything is that smart cities are increasingly trending, which are based on the importance of the Internet of things. When we talk about Smart Cities, we are not only talking about how to make our houses Smart, but we are also talking about how to make entire cities speak the same language, from financial services, to health services, to security.

Little by little, cities will integrate all these systems, not only for a few sectors, but for all, making them a Smart nation, as is the goal of Singapore, which plans, eventually, to become one of them.