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Whenever they tell me about the implementation of a system in a small business or company, I get the idea that it is just installing any program in which we only click the "next" button. In part, I understand that these ideas can occur since not everyone has the technical knowledge to understand that an implementation goes much further than just that.

I also ask if such an implementation is really necessary. I always recommend that it is better to "tidy up the house" first. And what do I mean by this? Well, it is very simple. Many times you can increase your productivity or improve your indicators just by ordering your business processes. A process redesign project is essential in this first stage, having redefined processes we can only choose to automate the activities that require them.

Build software from scratch or buy the famous software? Either option is valid regardless of the size of your business. The only thing to remember before making a decision is that "the software always adapts to the organization, not the other way around." That is, whichever path you choose, the starting point is that the processes that the system must automate are monitored.

The first point is to make the plans (Business Blueprints, or BBP, to be more technical). In them we can map the processes that we will use, their interconnections with other areas and your key users. Then comes automation, either through the actual development of your custom software or the adaptation of licensed software.

Then come the tests in which your key users must verify and validate that everything works correctly. A next step is the massive training of your collaborators and the development of manuals and procedures as the final part of the project.

As you will see, it may not be easy to install a new system in your business (depending on its size) but without a doubt it is still a very interesting type of project in which both the implementer and the client must work together to achieve the objective. Personally, it is one of the types of projects that I like to work on the most. And what did you think of this information?