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Digital marketing has changed the way promotions are presented. In 2020 many rules changed with the arrival of the pandemic and everything migrated to make people feel more comfortable at home, whether alone, accompanied or slum. That is why speaking to our ideal client now focuses on humanization and understanding.

All this can give us 5 important trends that Digital Marketing brings us for this 2021. I will tell you below:

1) Sustainability

Users, today more than ever, feel that brands must be more aware of the environment and our planet. A company with a sense of responsibility for our home, which does not have a replacement, will be better received than a company that is not clear that its business has an impact on its environment. So, does your company do beach cleaning? Do you use recycled materials for your packaging? Do your products break the single-use scheme? Your company has a significant green footprint, and this will help you increase the value in your communication.

2) Content of Influencers and Lives

Live on Instagram or Facebook. These have been the perfect replacements for the face-to-face events to which the immobility orders due to the current situation could no longer be attended. More and more we have seen that brands have turned to the help of influencers, who have a great reach to their audiences by creating a community, in order to better connect with those regular attendees of live events. At times, this has managed to compensate for the lack of socialization that exists today, despite being far away, and has created stronger ties between brands and customers.

3) Augmented Reality

Staying at home is not the same as being in meetings or events in which experience is key. For example, a concert? you got it. a roller coaster? You have it. A walk through the mall? you got it. All this is an important part of the experiences since people live for them. Not for nothing do stores generate concepts to optimize the user experience, and today, in the digital world that we are living, those experiences have been affected, therefore, it is important to know if we can invest in these experiences and complement our efforts to do make the customer feel happy

4) UGC (User Generated Content)

Related to the previous point, this is part of the experience that users need. They like to know if a product works or not, and what better way to do it if other clients have already published about it, how it has served them, what to take into account, among other things. Leverage on it. The reviews today are better than ever, and they generate conversation, trust, closeness and strengthen communities.

5) Conversation and interaction

Community. Important word for digital marketing. The conversations that you have as a brand with your audience, especially listening to them, interacting with them, making them feel that they really are important to you, will make the world of difference. Listen to them, talk to them, understand them and thus your bond with them will be closer.

With these 5 trends, which are not the only ones that 2021 brings us, I believe that they can take you a step further to understand your community and make you a brand with greater value for your community. Remember, the community is the most important thing, and creating those bonds, experiences and relationships are important to everyone.

I hope this article sheds some light on what you can continue to do to reach your customers' hearts more.