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A year after the start of the pandemic, and a year after living locked up, taking care of ourselves, on the brink of paranoia and adjusting to the new way of interacting in society, I leave a question, which I will answer in the lines below from my perspective. At what point do we stop calling this reality that we are living a "new normal"?

In my opinion, between masks, protective clothing suits, face shields and liters of antibacterial gel, affected, bankrupt and reinvented companies, it is time that we start to stop telling you “the new normal”. It is that today nothing of what we did before is normal, what is normal now is what was previously mentioned. There are people who refuse to believe what we have to live and want to "go back." Well, more than understandable if the life you lived was going from meeting to meeting, shaking hands and avoiding being with yourself. Nothing bad.

This is where social conscience comes in. If you take care of yourself, it is not only for yourself, but for those around you. An outing with friends, to eat or drink. A business meeting, a conference or a negotiation meeting. All those things pose a risk. Some must continue to do so to get food to their tables. Others can leverage the technology they have in the palm of their hands, such as whatsapp, zoom, meet, trello, instagram or whatever platform they prefer.

Although the vaccine is already a reality, it does not mean that people will stop getting infected, die, or have serious sequelae. What she is going to allow is that you can socialize a little more so that life is less of an obstacle course, if not an endurance race.

With the vaccine you cannot lower your guard, an example of this is Chile, which in the last 2 weeks after a percentage of the population, having both doses of the vaccine, decided that this was enough to stop taking care and back to normal".

Yes "normal" since the reality is that, as I mentioned before, we can have vaccines, but not be free of the virus that afflicts everyone. We must learn that one person's rights end where another's rights begin. If with irresponsible actions we can affect our loved ones, and even take their lives, out of love and compassion, let us become aware and take care of ourselves.

This time, let's look at the social behind business. Not all that glitters is gold. And a healthy population leads us to be able to get up after a big slip.

And you, when do you think we should stop calling it a "new normal"?